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100 Cymru - Y Mynyddoedd a Fi - Dewi Prysor

100 Cymru - Y Mynyddoedd a Fi - Dewi Prysor

pris rheolaidd £19.99
pris rheolaidd pris gwerthu £19.99
Sêl Wedi Gwerthu Allan
Treth wedi'i chynnwys. Cludiant cyfrifir wrth y til.

The story of Dewi Prysor's journey over Wales's one hundred highest peaks was inspired by Cant Cymru, Dafydd Andrews (Y Lolfa, 1998). Together with guidance and descriptions for each walk, the volume includes notes on local history, mountain names and memories, and also comprises quotations from songs and poems and stunning images which are unexpected, strange and humorous.

ISBN: 9781800992696 (1800992696)
Publication Date: 20 June 2022
Publisher: Y Lolfa
Format: Clawr Meddal, 210x241 mm, 264 pages
Language: Welsh

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