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Tudur Budr: Gwaed! David Roberts

Tudur Budr: Gwaed! David Roberts

pris rheolaidd £4.99
pris rheolaidd pris gwerthu £4.99
Sêl Wedi Gwerthu Allan
Treth wedi'i chynnwys. Cludiant cyfrifir wrth y til.

ISBN: 9781848514706Publication Date May 2012
Publisher: Gwasg Gomer, Llandysul
Illustrated by Alan MacdonaldAdapted/Translated by Gwenno Mair Davies.Suitable for age 7-9 or Key Stage 2 Format: Clawr Meddal, 190x130 mm, 96 pages
Language: Welsh

Dirty Bertie - the boy with nose-pickingly disgusting habits - is back for another helping of comic chaos! Join Bertie as he attempts to reveal grumpy Mr Grouch as a vampire, finds himself modelling the latest catwalk fashions and gets a serious scare-cut at the barbers. A Welsh adaptation of Dirty Bertie: Fangs!

Tudur Budr yw magned trwbwl mwya budr y byd a dyma lyfr arall i'r gyfres boblogaidd. Addasiad o Dirty Bertie: Fangs!
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